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Assalamu Alaikum,

Hope everyone is well And always want to be good all the time. Before discussing Google Chrome tricks, introduce a Tutorial and Help Tips channel to a YouTube channel called Blogger Arfan. The channel that contains the most important video on Computer, Internet, SEO, Freelancing, WordPress etc

Today you will discuss some of the most important tricks of Google Chrome. We may use many different browsers. One of the most popular browsers is Google Chrome.

This browser is much faster than all other browsers. But those of us who use Google Chrome browsers do not know many things.

That is something that can be done with this browser so that you can be surprised. For example, you can use this browser as a calculator, the browser can use the media viewer to view the image viewer or video.

  1. browser as a calculator
  2. image viewer
  3. video player
  4. use google chrome as note /word pad ( data:text/html,<html contenteditable> )
  5. Pin Your used Tab
  6. Learn more about which site you surf
  7. Use google chrome task manager (shift+esc ) or Setting >more tools> task manager
  8. Use autofill google chrome feature
  9. setting > show advanced setting> password and form > mark on autofill… > manager autofill setting > add new street address > then add new credit card
  10.  Use word definition features in chrome browser ( setting > extension > get more extention  > write ”  google dictionary by google “

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